Heres a trick I discovered recently for how to find out who’s mobile is calling you in Australia 🇦🇺.

Say you have been called by an unknown mobile number, you might have tried calling back to discover who called you but of corse they dont have a voicemail box setup.

So you try texting the number, perhaps they reply but dont give you their name. If you’re like me you’d prefer to know who is calling you before you call back. For what ever reason. Here is a way i discovered how to uncover the verified name of a mobile that has called you in Australia.

The trick is to use the number as a PayID, most Australian’s have setup their PayId with their bank using their primary mobile number.

When you attempt to add the new payee in your banking app, the banking system OSKO will ask you to confirm who you are sending yhe finds to. To do so they reveal the fjrst and last name (some times one is abbreviated of the mobile number.

Heres a quick step by step for how to uncover the name of a caller using their mobile number as PayID

  1. Open your banking App or webpage and login.
  2. once logged in, add a new payee (in my app i had to tap ‘pay someone’ and ‘pay someone new’ each app/website will be a little different)
  3. paste the mobile number that attempted to call you in the payID field.
  4. Hit ‘add payee’ the Osko network will confiem the name attached to the payID.
  5. screenshot or write down the name and DONT go any further, back button or close the app, dont send them money.

I discovered this little trick and decided to share for productivity purposes only. I forget who has called often and to save embarrasment I try tricks like this to ensure I get people’s names right everytime.